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2022-2023 Class Schedule

Classes are currently offered in Cloverdale and White Rock.  Please find below the scheduled classes for both locations.

Location: Steel School Studio

                 #104 - 17670 65A Avenue

                 Cloverdale, BC



Studio A

3:00-3:30PM        Private Lesson

3:30-4:00PM        Private Lesson 

4:00-5:00PM        Advanced Soft shoe -  *FULL

5:00-6:00PM        Novice/Prizewinner Hard shoe 

6:00-7:00PM        Novice/Prizewinner Soft shoe

7:00-9:00PM        Championships 

Studio B

3:45-4:30PM        Level 1 Hard shoe 

4:30-5:15PM        Beginner Soft shoe 

5:15-6:00PM        Level 1/2 Hard shoe -  *FULL

6:00-7:00PM        Advanced Soft shoe 

7:00-7:45PM        Beginner 8+ Soft shoe 

8:00-8:30PM        Private Lesson

8:30-9:00PM        Private Lesson


Studio A

3:15-3:45PM        Private Lesson

3:45-4:15PM        Private Lesson

4:15-6:15PM        Prizewinner/Prelim 

6:15-7:00PM        Teams 

7:00-9:00PM        Championships 


Studio B

2:45-3:15PM       Private Lesson 

3:15-3:45PM       Private Lesson 

3:45-4:15PM       Private Lesson  

4:15-5:15PM       Novice Soft shoe 

5:15-6:15PM       Novice Hard shoe 



Studio A

3:15-3:45PM        Private Lesson

3:45-4:15PM        Private Lesson

4:15-6:15PM        Championship 

6:15-8:15PM        Prizewinner/Prelim 

Studio B

3:45-4:15PM       Tiny Toes - Ages 3 & 4 

4:15-5:00PM       Beginner Soft shoe 

5:00-5:45PM       Level 1 Hard shoe 

5:45-6:45PM       Advanced/Novice Soft shoe 

6:45-7:30PM       Level 2 Hard shoe 


Studio A

4:00-5:00PM        Novice/Prizewinner Soft shoe 

5:00-6:00PM        Novice/Prizewinner Hard shoe 

6:00-8:00PM        Championships 


Studio B

4:00-5:00PM       Advanced Soft shoe 

5:00-5:45PM       Level 2 Hard shoe

5:45-6:30PM       Beginner Soft shoe



Studio A


Studio B

3:00-3:30PM      Private Lesson

3:30-4:00PM      Private Lesson

4:00-4:30PM      Private Lesson

4:30-5:00PM      Private Lesson


Studio A

9:00-9:30AM       Private Lesson

9:30-10:15AM     Beginner Soft shoe 

10:15-11:00AM   Level 2 Hard shoe 

11:00-12:00PM   Advanced Soft shoe 

Studio B

9:00-9:30AM       Tiny Toes - Ages 3 & 4 

9:30-10:15AM     Beginner Soft shoe

10:15-11:00AM   Level 1 Hard shoe 


Location - Gemini Visuals

                  #15 15515 24 Avenue

                  South Surrey, BC


Studio C

3:45-4:15PM        Tiny Toes - Ages 3 & 4 

4:15-5:00PM        Beginner Soft shoe 5-8 years old

5:00-5:45PM        Level 1 & 2 Hard shoe

5:45-6:45PM        Beginner Soft shoe 8+

Clovedale Studio
South Surrey Studio
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